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Congeal (IPA: /kənˈdʒiɫ/)

Congeal (v. t.)

To change from a fluid to a solid state by cold; to freeze.

Congeal (v. t.)

To affect as if by freezing; to check the flow of, or cause to run cold; to chill.

Congeal (v. i.)

To grow hard, stiff, or thick, from cold or other causes; to become solid; to freeze; to cease to flow; to run cold; to be chilled.

Congeal Synonyms

Set, Jell

Congeal Rhymes

Beal, Beale, Beall, Beel, Beil, Biehl, Biel, Bleil, Briel, Cele, Ciel, Creal, Creel, Deahl, Deal, Deale, Deel, Diehl, Diel, Eel, Feel, Feil, Fiel, Foell, Freel, Friel, Giel, Gilles, He'll, Heal, Heel, Keal, Keel, Keele, Keil, Kheel, Kiehl, Kiel, Kneale, Kneel, Leal, Meal, Meehl, Mele, Miele, Neal, Neale, Neall, Neel, Neil, Neile, Neill, Niel, Peal, Peale, Peel, Peele, Peil, Piehl, Piel, Real, Reale, Reel, Riehl, Riel, Scheel, Scheele, Schiel, Schiele, Seal, Seale, Seel, She'll, Shiel, Skeel, Smeal, Spiel, Squeal, Steal, Steel, Steele, Steil, Stiehl, Teal, Teale, Teall, Teel, Teele, Theall, Theel, Thiel, Thiele, Veal, Veale, Viel, Viele, We'll, Weil, Wheel, Zeal, Zele, Ziehl, Ziel

Abele, Adriel, Anneal, Appeal, Azbill, Brasil, Brazeal, Braziel, Camille, Cecile, Chmiel, Conceal, Congeal, Corneal, Corniel, Emil, Emile, Enrile, Estill, Ferrill, Genteel, Havill, Ideal, Ifil, Ifill, Jabril, Jarriel, Lucile, Lucille, Maciel, Macneal, Macneil, Macneill, Madill, Mcdeal, Mcgreal, Mckeel, Mcneal, Mcneel, Mcneil, Mcneill, Mcniel, Mczeal, Menil, Morrill, Nevil, O'neal, O'neil, O'neill, Oneal, Oneil, Oneill, Ordeal, Pierceall, Popeil, Puerile, Repeal, Reseal, Reveal, Savill, Shaquille, Surreal, Szczygiel, Terrile, Unreal, Unseal, Vandriel, Vanheel, Vantil, Vasil, Verrill

Averill, Becerril, Mendivil, Pospisil, Villamil, Villarreal, Zavadil


Spanish Translation

Congeal in Spanish is Congelar

Tagalog Translation

Congeal in Tagalog is Lumapot

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