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Commercial (IPA: /kəˈmɝʃəɫ/)

Commercial (a.)

Of or pertaining to commerce; carrying on or occupied with commerce or trade; mercantile; as, commercial advantages; commercial relations.


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Commercial Synonyms

Commercialised, Mercenary, Commercialized, Technical, Mercantile, Moneymaking

Commercial Synonyms


Commercial Synonyms

Transaction, Dealings, Dealing

Commercial Synonyms

Commercial Message

COMMERCIAL (Acronym / Abbreviation)


Commercial Rhymes

Herschel, Herschell, Pershall, Urschel

Commercial, Commerical, Inertial

Controversial, Noncommercial
Eurocommercial, Noncontroversial, Uncontroversial

Spanish Translation

Commercial in Spanish is Comercial

Tagalog Translation

Commercial in Tagalog is Komersiya

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A language without a commercial value will die." - Afrikaans

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A proceeding may be perfectly legal and may yet be opposed to sound commercial principles." - Nathaniel Lindley, Baron Lindley

Example Sentence (Quote)

" America had come to the rescue of Korea's troubled banks . The auction of commercial bank assets was an obvious fraud." - Michel Chossudovsky

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Free speech is meaningless if the commercial cacophony has risen to the point where no one can hear you." - Advertising

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I see little commercial potential for the internet for the next 10 years." - Bill Gates

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