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Clitoris (IPA: /kɫaɪˈtɔɹɪs/)

Clitoris (n.)

A small organ at the upper part of the vulva, homologous to the penis in the male.


Pleasure center of the vulva


Pleasure center of the vulva

Clitoris Synonyms

Button, Clit

Clitoris Rhymes

Boris, Boris', Borris, Chloris, Dorice, Doris, Dorris, Floris, Laurice, Loris, Morice, Moris, Norris, Orris, Sorice, Voris

Clitoris, Tortorice

Clitoris (Sexual Terminology)

Button, Clit

Spanish Translation

Clitoris in Spanish is Clítoris

Tagalog Translation

Clitoris in Tagalog is Mani

Example Sentence (Quote)

" I'm Sylvia, and my clitoris is in crisis" - A Dirty Shame

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