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Caprice (IPA: /kəˈpɹis/)

Caprice (v. i.)

An abrupt change in feeling, opinion, or action, proceeding from some whim or fancy; a freak; a notion.

Caprice (v. i.)

See Capriccio.


1967 film by Frank Tashlin


1913 film by J. Searle Dawley


Moscow-based musical group


Restaurant in Hong Kong


2015 film by Emmanuel Mouret

Caprice Synonyms

Impulse, Whim

Caprice Rhymes

Breece, Buice, Cease, Cece, Cleese, Crease, Dease, Feasts, Fleece, Freise, Friess, Gees, Geese, Giese, Grease, Greece, Griess, Haese, Kiess, Kneece, Kniess, Lease, Leece, Leese, Leise, Maese, Meece, Meese, Meise, Miesse, Neace, Neece, Neice, Neiss, Nice, Niece, Niess, Peace, Pease, Piece, Preece, Priess, Priests, Rease, Reece, Reese, Reise, Riess, Schiess, Seis, Siess, Speece, Suisse, Tese, Treece, Weise, Wiess, Yeas, Zeese

Apiece, Aris, Audris, Bernice, Brocious, Capece, Caprice, Cerise, Chambless, Clarice, Decease, Decrease, Denice, Denise, Devries, Edris, Eglise, Elise, Falise, Felice, Gilcrease, Increase, Kilcrease, Lollis, Luis, Magness, Markese, Maryse, Matisse, Maurice, Mccleese, Mcneece, Mcneese, Mcneice, Obese, Patese, Patrice, Police, Poulos, Raptis, Ravi's, Release, Shenice, Tunis, Vanness, Vantrease, Vantreese

Bbc's, Reserveese


Caprice (Last Name / Surname)

Caprice is the #102,197 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 176 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Caprice in Spanish is Capricho

Tagalog Translation

Caprice in Tagalog is Kapritso

Example Sentence (Quote)

"O' caprice of innocent waters, Champagne!" - Tales of Vesperia

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