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Cannot (IPA: /ˈkænɑt/, /kəˈnɑt/)

Cannot ()

Am, is, or are, not able; -- written either as one word or two.

Cannot Rhymes

Baht, Bhatt, Blot, Bott, Bought, Brott, Caught, Clot, Clott, Cot, Cott, Dot, Dott, Flott, Got, Gott, Hot, Hott, Jot, Khat, Knot, Knott, Kot, Kott, Lat, Lot, Lott, Lotte, Mott, Motte, Not, Nott, Notte, Ott, Otte, Plot, Plott, Pot, Pott, Rot, Rott, Rrrot, Schaadt, Schlott, Schott, Schrodt, Scot, Scott, Shot, Shott, Slot, Slott, Spot, Sprott, Squat, Staat, Stott, Swat, Szot, Szott, Tot, Trot, Trott, Voght, Watt, Yacht, Yott

Cannot, Abott, Allot, Alot, Ascott, Batat, Boitnott, Cannot, Demott, Forgot, Kiryat, Labatt, Lamott, Malott, Marcott, Perrott, Qiryat, Refaat, Sadat, Surat, Vancott


Spanish Translation

Cannot in Spanish is No Puedo

Tagalog Translation

Cannot in Tagalog is Di Maaari

Example Sentence (Quote)

" capital cannot be more beneficially employed, then in strengthening and aiding the productive powers of nature." - Jean-Baptiste Say

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "Yeah, and that was just the damn start of it, because Ubisoft simply cannot shut UP!" - TotalBiscuit

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "Blessing without good health is a crisis because you cannot enjoy it."" - T. B. Joshua

Example Sentence (Quote)

" "'What religion and self-interest cannot hide, governments can .'"" - Dune

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (often phrased as Do not call up that which you cannot put down .")" - H. P. Lovecraft

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