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Cajole (IPA: /kəˈdʒoʊɫ/)

Cajole (v. i.)

To deceive with flattery or fair words; to wheedle.

Cajole Synonyms

Blarney, Coax, Inveigle, Sweet-talk, Palaver, Wheedle

Cajole Rhymes

Boal, Boehl, Bohl, Bole, Boll, Bowl, Buol, Coal, Coale, Cole, Colle, Croll, Dhole, Doell, Dole, Droll, Foal, Foale, Fohl, Goal, Gohl, Groll, Hoel, Hoell, Hoelle, Hohl, Hole, Knoell, Knoll, Koehl, Koelle, Kohl, Kol, Kole, Mohl, Mole, Noell, Nohl, Nole, Noll, Ohl, Ol', Ole, Pfohl, Poehl, Pohl, Pole, Poll, Proehl, Roehl, Roell, Roelle, Rohl, Rol, Role, Roll, Rolle, Schaul, Scholle, Schroll, Scroll, Seoul, Shoal, Skoal, Sohl, Sol, Sole, Soul, Sowle, Stohl, Stol, Stole, Stoll, Strohl, Strole, Stroll, Thoele, Thole, Toal, Toelle, Tole, Toll, Troll, Voell, Whole, Woehl, Wohl

Cajole, Console, Control, Devaul, Ecole, Enroll, Extol, Madole, Mccole, Mccoll, Mcdole, Nicole, Nicolle, Pajole, Parole, Patrol, Pistole, Unroll, Viole

Decontrol, Espanol, Rock'n'roll, Rock-and-roll, Self-control

Spanish Translation

Cajole in Spanish is Engatusar

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