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Buxom (IPA: /ˈbəksəm/)

Buxom (a.)

Yielding; pliable or compliant; ready to obey; obedient; tractable; docile; meek; humble.

Buxom (a.)

Having the characteristics of health, vigor, and comeliness, combined with a gay, lively manner; stout and rosy; jolly; frolicsome.

Buxom Synonyms

Bosomy, Busty, Full-bosomed, Shapely, Curvaceous, Voluptuous, Well-endowed, Sonsy, Curvy, Sonsie

Buxom Synonyms

Zaftig, Zoftig, Embonpoint, Plump, Chubby, Fat

Buxom Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Buxom in Spanish is Exuberante

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