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Buns (IPA: /ˈbənz/)


Family name


Small, sometimes sweet, bread or bread roll




Protein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster



Buns Synonyms

Fanny, Posterior, Bottom, Bum, Hindquarters, Rear, Nates, Tooshie, Backside, Tail End, Arse, Tail, Buttocks, Fundament, Derriere, As, Stern, Can, Behind, Hind End, Prat, Butt, Keister, Seat, Tush, Rear End, Rump

Buns Rhymes

Bruns, Buns, Chun's, Dones, Dun's, Duns, Frunze, Funs, Glunz, Gun's, Gunn's, Guns, Huns, Kuns, Kunz, Kunze, Lunz, Munns, Muns, Munz, Nun's, Nunn's, Nuns, Nuns', One's, Ones, Ones', Puns, Run's, Runs, Shuns, Son's, Sons, Sun's, Suns, Tonnes, Tons, Unz, Younes

Mcfun's, Reruns

Buns (Last Name / Surname)

Buns is the #147,253 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 112 people had that surname.

Buns (Sexual Terminology)


Example Sentence (Quote)

" Oh! Boobie lady! You should come over and play again. By the way... how do they get that big? Do you eat steamed buns too?" - BlazBlue

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