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Blazing (IPA: /ˈbɫeɪzɪŋ/)

Blazing (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Blaze

Blazing (a.)

Burning with a blaze; as, a blazing fire; blazing torches.



Blazing Synonyms

Ablaze, Afire, On Fire, Lit, Lighted, Aflame, Flaming, Burning, Alight, Aflare

Blazing Synonyms

Conspicuous, Blatant, Unconcealed

Blazing Synonyms

Blinding, Glaring, Dazzling, Fulgent, Glary, Bright

Blazing Synonyms


Blazing Rhymes

Blasing, Blazing, Gazing, Glazing, Grazing, Hazing, Lazing, Phasing, Phrasing, Praising, Raising, Razing

Amazing, Appraising

Tagalog Translation

Blazing in Tagalog is Marubdob

Example Sentence (Quote)

" And the morning light will hide the darker days gone by And the sun will shine again across the blazing sky." - DragonForce

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Rise over shadow mountains blazing with power" - DragonForce

Example Sentence (Quote)

" That's a Blazing strange answer." - Speech

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Townspeople: A black sheriff ?Blinkin: He's Black ?!Ahchoo: Why not? It worked in Blazing Saddles." - Mel Brooks

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