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Besiege (IPA: /bɪˈsidʒ/)

Besiege (v. t.)

To beset or surround with armed forces, for the purpose of compelling to surrender; to lay siege to; to beleaguer; to beset.


Video game

Besiege Synonyms

Hem In, Beleaguer, Circumvent, Surround

Besiege Rhymes

Brege, Ege, Feige, Freije, Hege, Lege, Liege, Riege, Seige, Siege, Steege, Stege, Strege, Wege

Besiege, Merhige

Spanish Translation

Besiege in Spanish is Sitiar

Tagalog Translation

Besiege in Tagalog is Kubkubin

Example Sentence (Quote)

"On all the line a sudden vengeance waits, And frequent hearses shall besiege your gates." - Alexander Pope

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