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Bequeath (IPA: /bɪˈkwiθ/)

Bequeath (v. t.)

To give or leave by will; to give by testament; -- said especially of personal property.

Bequeath (v. t.)

To hand down; to transmit.

Bequeath (v. t.)

To give; to offer; to commit.

Bequeath Synonyms

Will, Leave

Bequeath Rhymes

Faeth, Gaeth, Heath, Keath, Keeth, Keith, Leath, Leeth, Leith, Meath, Paeth, Reith, Seith, Sheath, Sleeth, Spaeth, Teeth, Vaeth, Veith, Weith, Wreath

Beneath, Bequeath, Rujith


Spanish Translation

Bequeath in Spanish is Legar

Tagalog Translation

Bequeath in Tagalog is Magpamana

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Let's choose executors and talk of wills: And yet not so, for what can we bequeath Save our deposed bodies to the ground?" - Wills

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