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Benign (IPA: /bɪˈnaɪn/)

Benign (a.)

Of a kind or gentle disposition; gracious; generous; favorable; benignant.

Benign (a.)

Exhibiting or manifesting kindness, gentleness, favor, etc.; mild; kindly; salutary; wholesome.

Benign (a.)

Of a mild type or character; as, a benign disease.

Benign Synonyms

Nonmalignant, Kind, Benignant, Kindly, Harmless

Benign Synonyms


Benign Rhymes

Brine, Bryne, Cline, Clyne, Dhein, Dine, Dyne, Ein, Fein, Feyen, Fine, Grine, Guynn, Gyn, Hein, Heine, Heyen, Hine, Huynh, Jain, Klein, Kleine, Kline, Kyne, Line, Lyne, Lysne, Mine, Nine, Pine, Prine, Pruyn, Pyne, Quine, Rhein, Rhine, Rhyne, Rine, Schein, Schlein, Sein, Shein, Shine, Shrine, Shyne, Sign, Sine, Spine, Spline, Stein, Stine, Strine, Styne, Swine, Thein, Thine, Tine, Trine, Twine, Tyne, Vine, Whine, Wine, Wyne, Zine

Align, Aline, Assign, Benign, Bornstein, Burdine, Combine, Confine, Consign, Decline, Define, Design, Devine, Dewine, Divine, Emlynne, Enshrine, Entwine, Gourdine, Hot-line, Ice-nine, Incline, Limine, Malign, Nadein, Opine, Refine, Repine, Resign, Sharp-sign, Supine, Vandine, Vanduyn, Vanduyne

Disincline, Intertwine, Leontine, Macalpine, Missildine, Realign, Reassign, Recombine, Redefine, Redesign

Spanish Translation

Benign in Spanish is Benigno

Tagalog Translation

Benign in Tagalog is Maamongloob

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent to the concerns of such puny creatures as we are." - Carl Sagan

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