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Bemused (IPA: /bɪmˈjuzd/)

Bemused Synonyms

Perplexed, Lost, Mixed-up, Befuddled, Mazed, Bewildered, Baffled, Confused, Confounded, At Sea

Bemused Synonyms

Lost, Deep In Thought, Preoccupied, Thoughtful

Bemused Rhymes

Bruised, Cruised, Fused, Mused, Oozed, Rused, Used

Abused, Accused, Amused, Bemused, Confused, Defused, Diffused, Enthused, Excused, Infused, Misused, Perused, Recused, Refused, Reused, Suffused, Transfused, Unused

Disabused, Overused, Underused

Spanish Translation

Bemused in Spanish is Perplejo

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