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Bemuse (IPA: /bɪmˈjuz/)

Bemuse (v. t.)

To muddle, daze, or partially stupefy, as with liquor.

Bemuse Synonyms

Throw, Discombobulate, Bewilder

Bemuse Rhymes

Blue's, Blues, Blues', Boos, Booz, Booze, Brews, Bruise, Bruse, Buse, Buus, Chews, Choose, Chuse, Clews, Clues, Coups, Crew's, Crewes, Crews, Cruise, Cruse, Cruz, Cruze, Cues, Dews, Do's, Drewes, Drews, Druse, Druze, Dues, Ewes, Flus, Foos, Fuse, Glues, Goos, Groos, Guse, Hewes, Hews, Hoos, Hues, Hughes, Hughes', Hughs, Huse, Jews, Jews', Joos, Kloos, Koos, Kruse, Kuse, Kuze, Leu's, Loos, Lose, Lou's, Luiz, Luse, Meuse, Mewes, Mews, Moos, Muise, Muse, News, News', Oohs, Ooohs, Ooze, Pews, Pru's, Pughs, Q's, Q .'s, Q .s, Ques, Queues, Roos, Roose, Ruse, Schmooze, Screws, Shoe's, Shoes, Shrews, Skewes, Skews, Snooze, Soos, Sous, Spews, Stew's, Stews, Strews, Sues, Tewes, Tews, Theus, Throughs, Two's, Twos, U's, U .'s, U .s, Use, Views, Who's, Whose, Woo's, Woos, Wu's, Yew's, Yoos, Yu's, Zoo's, Zoos, Zue's

Abuse, Accrues, Accuse, Amuse, Bemuse, Canoes, Cebu's, Confuse, Defuse, Diffuse, Ensues, Enthuse, Eschews, Excuse, Infuse, Jammu's, Mahfouz, Miscues, Misuse, Peru's, Peruse, Primenews, Pursues, Recuse, Refuse, Renews, Reuse, Review's, Reviews, Revues, Shampoos, Suffuse, Taboos, Tattoos, Toulouse, Transfuse, Worldnews

Disabuse, Kangaroos, Overuse, Santa-cruz, Underuse

Spanish Translation

Bemuse in Spanish is Aturdir

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