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Beguile (IPA: /bɪˈɡaɪɫ/)

Beguile (v. t.)

To delude by guile, artifice, or craft; to deceive or impose on, as by a false statement; to lure.

Beguile (v. t.)

To elude, or evade by craft; to foil.

Beguile (v. t.)

To cause the time of to pass without notice; to relieve the tedium or weariness of; to while away; to divert.

Beguile Synonyms

Capture, Becharm, Bewitch, Captivate, Enchan, Charm, Trance, Catch, Fascinate, Entrance, Enamor, Enamour

Beguile Synonyms

Juggle, Hoodwink

Beguile Rhymes

Aisle, Bile, Bille, Cheil, Deihl, Dial, File, Geil, Gile, Gille, Guile, Heil, Hile, Hyle, I'll, Isle, Kile, Kyl, Kyle, Lile, Lyle, Mile, Niall, Nile, Pfeil, Phyle, Pile, Pyle, Reihl, Rile, Ruyle, Ryle, Seil, Sheil, Smile, Stile, Style, Theil, Theile, Tile, Trial, Vile, Weil, Weill, While, Wile, Wyle, Zile

Argyll, Awhile, Beguile, Compile, Defile, Delisle, Fertile, Hostile, Kurzweil, Marseille, Mikhail, Monteil, Nevile, Panfile, Refile, Restyle, Revile, Soleil, Vantuyl, Worthwhile


Spanish Translation

Beguile in Spanish is Engañar

Tagalog Translation

Beguile in Tagalog is Magdaya

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Your face, my thane, is a book where men May read strange matters. To beguile the time, Look like the time." - Faces

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