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Befits (IPA: /bɪˈfɪts/)

Befits Rhymes

Bits, Bitz, Blitz, Brits, Britts, Britz, Chits, Critz, Fits, Fitts, Fitz, Frits, Fritts, Fritz, Gets, Glitz, Grits, Gritz, Hits, Hitz, Hritz, It's, Its, Kits, Kitts, Kitz, Klitz, Knits, Kritz, Lits, Litts, Litz, Mitts, Nitz, Pits, Pitt's, Pitts, Pitz, Pritts, Pritz, Quits, Ritts, Ritz, Schlitz, Schmidt's, Schmitz, Schnitz, Sits, Sitts, Sitz, Skits, Slits, Smits, Spits, Spitz, Splits, Stitz, Tits, Tritz, Wit's, Wits, Witts, Witz, Writs

Acquits, Admits, Befits, Berlitz, Commits, Emits, Moritz, Obits, Omits, Ovitz, Permits, Submits, Transmits

Tagalog Translation

Befits in Tagalog is Bumagay

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