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Banter (IPA: /ˈbæntɝ/)

Banter (v. t.)

To address playful good-natured ridicule to, -- the person addressed, or something pertaining to him, being the subject of the jesting; to rally; as, he bantered me about my credulity.

Banter (v. t.)

To jest about; to ridicule in speaking of, as some trait, habit, characteristic, and the like.

Banter (v. t.)

To delude or trick, -- esp. by way of jest.

Banter (v. t.)

To challenge or defy to a match.

Banter (n.)

The act of bantering; joking or jesting; humorous or good-humored raillery; pleasantry.


Village in Gresik, East Java Province, Indonesia


65th strip of the webcomic xkcd


Desa in Indonesia


Family name



Banter Synonyms

Raillery, Backchat, Give-and-take

Banter Synonyms

Jolly, Kid, Chaff, Jos

BANTER (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Bayesian Network Tutoring and Explanation

Banter Rhymes

Antar, Banter, Canter, Cantor, Ganter, Grantor, Kanter, Kantor, Lanter, Manter, Panter, Planter, Ranter, Santer, Santor, Tranter

Alcantar, Enchanter, Galanter

Banter (Last Name / Surname)

Banter is the #63,218 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 316 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Banter in Spanish is Broma

Tagalog Translation

Banter in Tagalog is Kantiyaw

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