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Bandy (IPA: /ˈbændi/)

Bandy (n.)

A carriage or cart used in India, esp. one drawn by bullocks.

Bandy (n.)

A club bent at the lower part for striking a ball at play; a hockey stick.

Bandy (n.)

The game played with such a club; hockey; shinney; bandy ball.

Bandy (v. t.)

To beat to and fro, as a ball in playing at bandy.

Bandy (v. t.)

To give and receive reciprocally; to exchange.

Bandy (v. t.)

To toss about, as from man to man; to agitate.

Bandy (v. i.)

To content, as at some game in which each strives to drive the ball his own way.

Bandy (a.)

Bent; crooked; curved laterally, esp. with the convex side outward; as, a bandy leg.


Ballgame on ice played using skates and sticks


Unincorporated community in Virginia


Family name

Bandy Synonyms

Bowlegged, Unfit, Bandy-legged, Bowed, Bowleg

Bandy Synonyms

Kick Around

Bandy Rhymes

Andie, Andy, Bandy, Brandi, Brandy, Candee, Candie, Candy, Dandy, Gandee, Gandy, Grandi, Grandy, Handy, Landi, Landy, Mandie, Mandy, Randi, Randy, Sandi, Sandie, Sandy, Shandy, Tandy, Zandi, Zandy


Alibrandi, Operandi

Bandy (Last Name / Surname)

Bandy is the #4,133 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 8,582 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Bandy in Spanish is Hockey Con Pelota

Tagalog Translation

Bandy in Tagalog is Makipagbiruan

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