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Banal (IPA: /bəˈnɑɫ/)

Banal (a.)

Commonplace; trivial; hackneyed; trite.


Hill in Kenya


Family name


2019 film

Banal Synonyms

Well-worn, Threadbare, Timeworn, Stock, Hackneyed, Trite, Unoriginal, Old-hat, Commonplace, Shopworn, Tired

Banal Rhymes

Ahl, Bahl, Bol, Bolle, Caul, Coll, Dahl, Dol, Doll, Dolle, Faal, Fahl, Fall, Gaal, Goll, Golle, Grahl, Hahl, Holl, Holle, Kahl, Kahle, Koll, Kolle, Krahl, Loll, Mahl, Moll, Molle, Pahl, Pall, Pfahl, Prahl, Qual, Rahl, Saal, Sahl, Schaal, Schmahl, Schmoll, Scholl, Sholl, Sol, Soll, Staal, Stahl, Stolle, Strahl, Tal, Tholl, Tolle, Vaal, Vahl, Voll, Volle, Waal, Wahl, Woll, Wolle, Ya'll, Zoll

Amal, Banal, Bhopal, Bonsall, Cabal, Cabrall, Casal, Centrale, Chagall, Degaulle, Deval, Devall, Doyal, Duvall, Gamal, Gammal, Gopal, Jamal, Kabral, Kemal, Laval, Leval, Mahal, Marsal, Mittal, Morrall, Natal, Nidal, Rahal, Rupaul, Ryal, Ryall, Seagal, Segall, Talal, Transvaal, Yigal

Avenall, Marcial, Reinstall, Wiesenthal


Banal (Last Name / Surname)

Banal is the #88,685 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 209 people had that surname.

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