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Attached (IPA: /əˈtætʃt/)

Attached (imp. & p. p.)

of Attach


Episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (S7 E8)

Attached Synonyms

Related, Related To, Connected, Affiliated

Attached Synonyms

Intended, Bespoken, Involved, Betrothed, Committed, Pledged, Engaged, Loving, Affianced

Attached Synonyms


Attached Synonyms


Attached Rhymes

Hatched, Latched, Macht, Matched, Patched, Scratched, Snatched, Thatched

Attached, Detached, Dispatched, Mismatched, Unmatched

Overmatched, Reattached, Unattached

Spanish Translation

Attached in Spanish is Adjunto

Tagalog Translation

Attached in Tagalog is Ikinabit

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I can't be attached to anything... otherwise I couldn't be a gambler." - Final Fantasy VI

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Max is handed the Snuckey's restroom keySam:That's an awfully big rasp attached to that keychain .Max: Out of toilet paper?" - Sam & Max

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