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Assistant (IPA: /əˈsɪstənt/)

Assistant (a.)

Helping; lending aid or support; auxiliary.

Assistant (a.)

Of the second grade in the staff of the army; as, an assistant surgeon.

Assistant (n.)

One who, or that which, assists; a helper; an auxiliary; a means of help.

Assistant (n.)

An attendant; one who is present.


Personal assistant application for mobile devices


Character from 2014 film 'Cloud 9'

Assistant Synonyms

Adjunct, Subordinate, Low-level

Assistant Synonyms

Supporter, Helper, Help

Assistant Rhymes


Assistant, Consistent, Existent, Insistent, Persistent, Resistant

Inconsistent, Nonexistent, Self-consistent

Spanish Translation

Assistant in Spanish is Asistente

Tagalog Translation

Assistant in Tagalog is Alalay

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The ability to interact with a computer presence like you would a human assistant is becoming increasingly feasible." - Artificial intelligence

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