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Asperity (IPA: /əˈspɛɹɪti/)

Asperity (n.)

Roughness of surface; unevenness; -- opposed to smoothness.

Asperity (n.)

Roughness or harshness of sound; that quality which grates upon the ear; raucity.

Asperity (n.)

Roughness to the taste; sourness; tartness.

Asperity (n.)

Moral roughness; roughness of manner; severity; crabbedness; harshness; -- opposed to mildness.

Asperity (n.)

Sharpness; disagreeableness; difficulty.


Unevenness of surface, roughness, and ruggedness

Asperity Synonyms

Hardship, Severity, Rigour, Rigor, Severeness, Rigourousnes, Grimness, Rigorousness

Asperity Synonyms


Spanish Translation

Asperity in Spanish is Aspereza

Tagalog Translation

Asperity in Tagalog is Kagaspangan

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