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Askance (IPA: /əˈskæns/)

Askance (adv.)

Alt. of Askant

Askance (v. t.)

To turn aside.

Askance Synonyms

Squint, Squinty, Askant, Indirect, Asquint, Squint-eyed, Sidelong

Askance Rhymes

Anse, Chance, Crance, Dance, France, Glance, Hance, Lance, Mance, Nance, Prance, Rance, Schanz, Schranz, Stance, Trance, Vance

Advance, Askance, Duran's, Enhance, Expanse, Finance, Lafrance, Mccance, Romance

Pomerance, Pomeranz, Refinance


Spanish Translation

Askance in Spanish is De Reojo

Tagalog Translation

Askance in Tagalog is May-alinlangan

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