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Amounts (IPA: /əˈmaʊnts/)

Amounts Rhymes

Counts, Kountz, Mounts, Mountz, Younts

Account's, Accounts, Amounts, Discounts, Recounts

Spanish Translation

Amounts in Spanish is Cantidades

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Her terrible tale You can't assail, With truth it quite agrees; Her taste exact For faultless fact Amounts to a disease." - Truth

Example Sentence (Quote)

"Of course one can jump up and down yelling Europe ! Europe ! Europe ! But it amounts to nothing and it means nothing." - Charles de Gaulle

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Philosophy of religion really amounts to philosophizing on certain favorite assumptions that are not confirmed at all." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Respect even small amounts of radiation." - Hyman G. Rickover

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The window was open, because the school encouraged fresh air. It was available in large amounts for free. (p. 43)" - Discworld

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