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Allege (IPA: /əˈɫɛdʒ/)

Allege (v. t.)

To bring forward with positiveness; to declare; to affirm; to assert; as, to allege a fact.

Allege (v. t.)

To cite or quote; as, to allege the authority of a judge.

Allege (v. t.)

To produce or urge as a reason, plea, or excuse; as, he refused to lend, alleging a resolution against lending.

Allege (v. t.)

To alleviate; to lighten, as a burden or a trouble.

Allege Synonyms

Aver, Say

Allege Rhymes

Dredge, Edge, Fledge, Hedge, Ledge, Pledge, Rehg, Sedge, Sege, Sledge, Wedge

Alldredge, Allege, Eldredge

Spanish Translation

Allege in Spanish is Alegar

Tagalog Translation

Allege in Tagalog is Iparatang

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I allege that SCO is full of it." - Linus Torvalds

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