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Allay (IPA: /əˈɫeɪ/)

Allay (v. t.)

To make quiet or put at rest; to pacify or appease; to quell; to calm; as, to allay popular excitement; to allay the tumult of the passions.

Allay (v. t.)

To alleviate; to abate; to mitigate; as, to allay the severity of affliction or the bitterness of adversity.

Allay (v. t.)

To diminish in strength; to abate; to subside.

Allay (n.)

Alleviation; abatement; check.

Allay (n.)


Allay (v. t.)

To mix (metals); to mix with a baser metal; to alloy; to deteriorate.

Allay Synonyms

Slake, Quench, Assuage

Allay Synonyms

Still, Relieve, Ease

Allay Rhymes

A, A., Ae, Ay, Bay, Baye, Bayh, Bey, Blay, Bley, Brae, Bray, Brey, C'est, Cay, Che, Clay, Cray, Dae, Day, Daye, De, Dey, Dray, Drey, Fay, Faye, Fe, Fey, Flay, Fray, Frey, Gay, Gaye, Gray, Graye, Grey, Guay, Gway, Haigh, Hay, Haye, Hey, Hwe, J, J., Jae, Jay, Jaye, K, K., Kay, Kaye, Khe, Klay, Kley, Kray, Krey, Lait, Lay, Laye, Lei, Ley, Leyh, Mae, May, Maye, Mei, Mey, Nay, Ne, Neigh, Nej, Ney, Pay, Paye, Pei, Play, Pray, Prey, Quai, Quay, Quaye, Rae, Ray, Raye, Re, Reay, Rey, Say, Saye, Schey, Schley, Se, Seay, Shay, Shea, Slay, Sleigh, Smay, Snay, Spey, Spray, Stay, Stray, Strey, Sway, Sze, Tae, Tay, They, Tray, Trey, Vey, Way, Waye, Wei, Weigh, Wey, Whey, Wray, Wy, Yay, Yea

Abbe, Aday, Aggrey, Aigner, Allais, Allay, Anway, Array, Asay, Astray, Away, B'nai, B-j, Ballet, Banpais, Beauvais, Belay, Beret, Bernay, Betray, Bombay, Boulais, Boulay, Bouquet, Buffet, Ca, Cache, Cafe, Calais, Callais, Calvey, Carre, Cathay, Chalet, Ciskei, Cliche, Coday, Convey, Crochet, Croquet, D'orsay, Da, Decay, Defray, Dekay, Delay, Delray, Devey, Dismay, Display, Dk, Donais, Dorais, Dossier, Dovey, Dumais, Dupay, Ek, Essay, Filet, Fillet, Francais, Ga, Galle, Gerais, Gervais, Ha, Halfway, Hefei, Hervey, Hevey, Hongwei, Hooray, Hurray, Ilhae, Imlay, Jaquay, Jose, Jouret, Kamei, Langlais, Levey, Lurvey, Mackay, Maclay, Macrae, Maltais, Manet, Marais, Marquai, Mcbay, Mccay, Mcclay, Mccrae, Mccray, Mccrea, Mcgray, Mckay, Mclay, Mcnay, Mcquay, Mcrae, Mcray, Mcshea, Mcstay, Mcvay, Mcveigh, Mcvey, Millay, Mobay, Monet, Morais, Moray, Moutray, Mulvey, Nihei, Nikkei, Nisei, Nissei, O'dea, O'shea, Obey, Oj, Ok, Okay, Olay, Ole, Orsay, Palais, Parquet, Passe, Per-se, Pevey, Porcher, Portray, Prepay, Puree, Purvey, Rene, Renee, Repay, Replay, Resnais, Risque, Saute, Sergei, Servais, Sevey, Shinsei, Sinay, Sochet, Soiree, Sorbet, Souffle, Stupay, Survey, Today, Toray, Torme, Toupee, Turvey, Vadnais, Valet, Voisey, Wah-pei, Zalay

Aaa, Aka, Antigay, Attache, Bouvier, Bta, Bua, Cabaret, Cabernet, Cea, Chevrolet, Dak, Deseret, Disarray, Disobey, Dunlavey, Ekk, Faberge, Fiance, Intraday, Ira, Ita, Jna, Jonbenet, Kkk, La-carre, Lyonnais, Mcgarvey, Meservey, Monterey, Monterrey, Overplay, Overstay, Perrier, Piaget, Pinochet, Redisplay, Santa-fe, Sta, Touvier, Underplay, Underway, Usa, Uva

Asea, Buga, Cabriolet, Ceta, Cluj, Communique, Compusa, Foia, Hiaa, L'espalier, Naivete, Noaa, Societe, Yakutakay, Zepa

Spanish Translation

Allay in Spanish is Aliviar

Tagalog Translation

Allay in Tagalog is Magbawas

Example Sentence (Quote)

"O' brilliant light, be as a wall to allay arms. Force Field!" - Tales of Vesperia

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