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Afterwards (IPA: /ˈæftɝwɝdz/)

Afterwards (adv.)

Alt. of Afterward


2008 film by Gilles Bourdos


1928 film by Lawson Butt


Painting by Murray Griffin


2017 film directed by Noël Mitrani


Short story

Afterwards Synonyms

After, Later, Subsequently, Afterward, Later O

Afterwards Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Afterwards in Spanish is Después

Tagalog Translation

Afterwards in Tagalog is Pagkaraan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Death will come in any case, and there is a long afterwards if the priests are right and nothing to fear if they are wrong." - Graham Greene

Example Sentence (Quote)

" It's afterwards you realize that the feeling of happiness you had with a man didn't neccessarily prove that you loved him." - Love

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Memory has many conveniences, and, among others, that of foreseeing things as they have afterwards happened." - Memory

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Our father was married twice,' continued Humanist. 'Once to a lady named Epichaerecacia, and afterwards to Euphuia..." - C. S. Lewis

Example Sentence (Quote)

" This noble ensample to his shepe he yaf, That first he wrought, and afterwards he taught." - Geoffrey Chaucer

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