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Adverse (IPA: /ˈædˌvɝs/, /ædˈvɝs/, /ədˈvɝs/)

Adverse (a.)

Acting against, or in a contrary direction; opposed; contrary; opposite; conflicting; as, adverse winds; an adverse party; a spirit adverse to distinctions of caste.

Adverse (a.)


Adverse (a.)

In hostile opposition to; unfavorable; unpropitious; contrary to one's wishes; unfortunate; calamitous; afflictive; hurtful; as, adverse fates, adverse circumstances, things adverse.

Adverse (v. t.)

To oppose; to resist.


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Adverse Synonyms

Unfavourable, Unfavorable, Contrary

Adverse Synonyms

Inauspicious, Untoward, Harmful, Unfavourable, Unfavorable

Adverse Rhymes

Bearce, Bearse, Bearss, Burse, Curse, Firsts, Furse, Hearse, Kearse, Kerce, Merce, Nurse, Pearse, Perce, Pers, Perse, Purse, Scearce, Terse, Verse, Worse

Adverse, Averse, Coerce, Converse, Disburse, Disperse, Diverse, Emerse, Immerse, Inverse, Obverse, Perverse, Rehearse, Reverse, Submerse, Transverse, Traverse, Adverse

Intersperse, Reimburse


Spanish Translation

Adverse in Spanish is Adverso

Tagalog Translation

Adverse in Tagalog is Pasalunga

Example Sentence (Quote)

" But adverse soon they meet, with rage they glow, Like bulls fierce fighting for some favourite cow." - The Argonautics of Apollonius Rhodius (tr. Francis Fawkes)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The king's name is a tower of strength, Which they upon the adverse party want." - Monarchy

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