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Adjective (IPA: /ˈædʒɪktɪv/)

Adjective (n.)

Added to a substantive as an attribute; of the nature of an adjunct; as, an adjective word or sentence.

Adjective (n.)

Not standing by itself; dependent.

Adjective (n.)

Relating to procedure.

Adjective (n.)

A word used with a noun, or substantive, to express a quality of the thing named, or something attributed to it, or to limit or define it, or to specify or describe a thing, as distinct from something else. Thus, in phrase, "LFT a wise ruler, RHT" wise is the adjective, expressing a property of ruler.

Adjective (n.)

A dependent; an accessory.

Adjective (v. t.)

To make an adjective of; to form or change into an adjective.


Part of speech that describes a noun or pronoun

Adjective Synonyms

Adjectival, Major Form Class

Adjective Synonyms


Adjective Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Adjective in Spanish is Adjetivo

Tagalog Translation

Adjective in Tagalog is Pang-uri

Example Sentence (Quote)

"Mr. Rude: I'll give you (insert a noun or adjective here) (farts)" - Mr. Men and Little Miss

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