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Abuses (IPA: /əbˈjusɪz/, /əbˈjuzɪz/)


Mistreatment of people, children, systems or animals


1996 run and gun video game


Episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Abuses Rhymes

Bruce's, Juices, Looses, Luce's, Uses, Bruises, Chooses, Cruises, Cruz's, Fuses, Fuzes, Guses, Hughes's, Loses, Muses, News's, Oozes, Ruses, Sousa's, Souzas, Uses

Abuses, Cabooses, Excuses, Induces, Medusas, Misuses, Produces, Reduces, Reuses, Abuses, Accuses, Amuses, Confuses, Diffuses, Excuses, Infuses, Mahfouz's, Misuses, Refuses, Reuses

Disabuses, Introduces, Reproduces, Tuscaloosa's
Reintroduces, Lollapaloozas

Spanish Translation

Abuses in Spanish is Abusos

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