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Thoroughbred (IPA: /ˈθɝoʊˈbɹɛd/)

Thoroughbred (a.)

Bred from the best blood through a long line; pure-blooded; -- said of stock, as horses. Hence, having the characteristics of such breeding; mettlesome; courageous; of elegant form, or the like.

Thoroughbred (n.)

A thoroughbred animal, especially a horse.


A horse breed


1976 studio album by Carole King


1936 film by Ken G. Hall


Series of children's novels by American author Joanna Campbell


American passenger train

Thoroughbred Synonyms

Pureblooded, Purebred, Pureblood, Pedigreed, Pedigree

Thoroughbred Synonyms

Purebred, Pureblood

Thoroughbred Rhymes

Bed, Bled, Bread, Bred, Dead, Dread, Dred, Dredd, Ed, Fed, Fled, Fread, Fred, Freda, Ged, Head, Jed, Lead, Led, Med, Ned, Nedd, Pled, Read, Reade, Red, Redd, Said, Schwed, Sffed, Shead, Shed, Shedd, Shred, Sled, Sledd, Sped, Spread, Stead, Swed, Szwed, Ted, Thread, Tread, Wed, Wedd, Wehde, Zed

Abed, Adread, Ahead, Behead, Embed, Imbed, Instead, Misled, Numed, Purebred, Retread, Sayed, Unread, Unsaid, Unted, Unwed, Widespread

Biomed, Infrared, Interbred, Overfed, Overhead, Thoroughbred

Spanish Translation

Thoroughbred in Spanish is Pura Sangre

Tagalog Translation

Thoroughbred in Tagalog is Walang-halo

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Jim Eastwood: I believe I can be the champion thoroughbred that this process requires." - The Apprentice (UK)

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