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Supervision (IPA: /ˌsupɝˈvɪʒən/)

Supervision (n.)

The act of overseeing; inspection; superintendence; oversight.


Act or instance of directing, managing, or oversight


Fictional character

Supervision Synonyms

Superintendence, Oversight, Supervising

Supervision Rhymes


Collision, Decision, Derision, Division, Envision, Excision, Incision, Misprision, Parisian, Precision, Provision, Recision, Rescission, Revision, Sarkisian, Xyvision

Avedisian, Circumcision, Indecision, Multivision, Supervision, Tv, Univision

Spanish Translation

Supervision in Spanish is Supervisión

Tagalog Translation

Supervision in Tagalog is Pamahalaan

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