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Renowned (IPA: /ɹɪˈnaʊnd/)

Renowned (a.)

Famous; celebrated for great achievements, for distinguished qualities, or for grandeur; eminent; as, a renowned king.

Renowned Synonyms

Illustrious, Celebrated, Noted, Known, Famed, Famous, Notable, Far-famed

Renowned Rhymes

Bound, Browned, Crowned, Downed, Drowned, Found, Frowned, Gowned, Ground, Hound, Mound, Pound, Round, Sound, Wound

Abound, Aground, Around, Astound, Compound, Confound, Expound, Impound, Inbound, Newfound, Profound, Propound, Rebound, Redound, Renowned, Resound, Surround, Unbound, Unsound, Unwound


Spanish Translation

Renowned in Spanish is Renombrado

Tagalog Translation

Renowned in Tagalog is Kilalang-kilala

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Men of most renowned virtue have sometimes by transgressing most truly kept the law." - John Milton

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Peace hath her victories No less renowned than war." - John Milton

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Peace hath her victories, No less renowned than war." - Peace

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