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Reflective (IPA: /ɹɪˈfɫɛktɪv/)

Reflective (a.)

Throwing back images; as, a reflective mirror.

Reflective (a.)

Capable of exercising thought or judgment; as, reflective reason.

Reflective (a.)

Addicted to introspective or meditative habits; as, a reflective person.

Reflective (a.)

Reflexive; reciprocal.


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Reflective Synonyms

Meditative, Brooding, Pensive, Broody, Pondering, Musing, Thoughtful, Ruminative, Contemplative

Reflective Synonyms


Reflective Synonyms

Mirrorlike, Specular, Reflecting

Reflective Rhymes

Affective, Collective, Connective, Corrective, Defective, Detective, Directive, Effective, Elective, Infective, Invective, Objective, Perspective, Projective, Prospective, Protective, Reflective, Respective, Selective, Subjective

Ineffective, Introspective, Irrespective, Retrospective

Spanish Translation

Reflective in Spanish is Reflexivo

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Reason, that which we call reason, reflex and reflective knowledge, the distinguishing mark of man, is a social product." - Miguel de Unamuno

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