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Inconclusive (IPA: /ˌɪnkənˈkɫusɪv/)

Inconclusive (a.)

Not conclusive; leading to no conclusion; not closing or settling a point in debate, or a doubtful question; as, evidence is inconclusive when it does not exhibit the truth of a disputed case in such a manner as to satisfy the mind, and put an end to debate or doubt.

Inconclusive Synonyms

Nisi, Indecisive, Neck And Neck, Undetermined, Indeterminate, Nip And Tuck, Equivocal, Head-to-head

Inconclusive Synonyms


Inconclusive Rhymes

Abusive, Allusive, Collusive, Conclusive, Conducive, Elusive, Exclusive, Illusive, Inclusive, Intrusive, Obtrusive, Reclusive

Inconclusive, Nonexclusive, Unobtrusive

Spanish Translation

Inconclusive in Spanish is Poco Concluyente

Tagalog Translation

Inconclusive in Tagalog is Walang-tibay

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