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Harmonic (IPA: /hɑɹˈmɑnɪk/)

Harmonic (a.)

Alt. of Harmonical

Harmonic (n.)

A musical note produced by a number of vibrations which is a multiple of the number producing some other; an overtone. See Harmonics.


Component of a wave whose frequency is a multiple of the fundamental frequency


Album by Philm

Harmonic Synonyms


Harmonic Synonyms

Harmonious, Harmonized, In Harmony, Harmonical, Harmonised, Consonant

Harmonic Synonyms


Harmonic Synonyms

Harmonious, Sympathetic

Harmonic Synonyms

Timber, Quality, Tone, Timbre

Harmonic Rhymes

Blahnik, Chronic, Conic, Connick, Kronick, Phonic, Sonic, Tonic, Tronic, Vanik

Bubonic, Demonic, Fibronic, Flextronic, Gnomonic, Harmonic, Hedonic, Ionic, Ironic, Laconic, Leptonic, Masonic, Medtronic, Miltonic, Mnemonic, Ovonic, Personic, Photronic, Planktonic, Plantronic, Platonic, Plutonic, Pneumonic, Sardonic, Symphonic, Synchronic, Tectonic, Tranzonic

Allophonic, Avionic, Catatonic, Diasonic, Diatonic, Electronic, Embryonic, Ganglionic, Hegemonic, Histrionic, Hydroponic, Hypersonic, Hypertonic, Isotonic, Lasersonic, Monophonic, Nucleonic, Panasonic, Pharaonic, Philharmonic, Polyphonic, Propionic, Respironic, Supersonic, Telectronic, Telephonic, Ultrasonic, Varitronic
Audiotronic, Hyaluronic, Napoleonic, Neoplatonic

Spanish Translation

Harmonic in Spanish is Armónico

Tagalog Translation

Harmonic in Tagalog is Kaugma

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