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Fizz (IPA: /ˈfɪz/)

Fizz (v. i.)

To make a hissing sound, as a burning fuse.

Fizz (n.)

A hissing sound; as, the fizz of a fly.


Type of carbonated alcoholic mixed drinks


Book by Zvi Schreiber


Canadian telecommunication provider

Fizz Synonyms

Froth, Foam, Effervesce, Sparkle

Fizz Rhymes

'tis, Biz, Buis, Czyz, Fizz, Griz, His, Is, Kriz, Liz, Ms, Ms., Quiz, Riz, Says, Tis, Whiz, Wiz



Spanish Translation

Fizz in Spanish is Efervescencia

Tagalog Translation

Fizz in Tagalog is Sumagitsit

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Dance mehitabel dance caper and shake a leg what little blood is left will fizz like wine in a keg." - Blood

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