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Emanate (IPA: /ˈɛməˌneɪt/)

Emanate (v. i.)

To issue forth from a source; to flow out from more or less constantly; as, fragrance emanates from flowers.

Emanate (v. i.)

To proceed from, as a source or fountain; to take origin; to arise, to originate.

Emanate (a.)

Issuing forth; emanant.


First studio album by Penumbra

Emanate Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Emanate Synonyms

Exhale, Give Forth

Emanate Rhymes

Emanate, Geminate

Disseminate, Inseminate

Spanish Translation

Emanate in Spanish is Emanar

Tagalog Translation

Emanate in Tagalog is Magmula

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