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Brooding (IPA: /ˈbɹudɪŋ/)

Brooding (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Brood

Brooding Synonyms

Meditative, Pensive, Pondering, Broody, Reflective, Musing, Thoughtful, Ruminative, Contemplative

Brooding Synonyms


Brooding Synonyms


Brooding Rhymes

Brooding, Feuding, Ruding

Alluding, Colluding, Concluding, Deluding, Denuding, Eluding, Excluding, Extruding, Including, Intruding, Precluding, Protruding

Example Sentence (Quote)

"At Woodlawn I Heard the dead cry: I was lulled by the slamming of iron, A slow drip over stones, Toads brooding wells." - Theodore Roethke

Example Sentence (Quote)

" But over all things brooding slept The quiet sense of something lost." - Loss

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