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Brazilian (IPA: /bɹəˈzɪɫjən/)

Brazilian (a.)

Of or pertaining to Brazil.

Brazilian (n.)

A native or an inhabitant of Brazil.

Brazilian Synonyms

South American Country, South American Nation, Brazilian

Brazilian Synonyms


Brazilian Rhymes

Billion, Dillion, Filion, Fillion, Jillian, Jillion, Killian, Killion, Lilian, Million, Pillion, Quillian, Stillion, Trillion, Zillion

Brazilian, Castrillon, Civilian, Mcmillian, Mcmillion, Octillion, Pavilion, Pavillion, Vaudevillian, Vermilion, Vermillion

Multibillion, Multimillion

Spanish Translation

Brazilian in Spanish is Brasileño

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