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Aflame (IPA: /əˈfɫeɪm/)

Aflame (adv. & a.)

Inflames; glowing with light or passion; ablaze.


Song by Zen From Mars

Aflame Synonyms

Passionate, Aroused, Ablaze

Aflame Synonyms

Ablaze, Blazing, Afire, On Fire, Lit, Lighted, Flaming, Burning, Alight, Aflare

Aflame Rhymes

Aim, Aime, Ame, Baim, Bame, Blame, Boehm, Boehme, Brame, Came, Claim, Dame, Damme, Fame, Fayme, Flaim, Flame, Fraim, Frame, Game, Graeme, Haim, Kaim, Lame, Maim, Mame, Mayme, Name, Rhame, Same, Sejm, Shame, Swaim, Tame

Acclaim, Aflame, Ashame, Ballgame, Became, Declaim, Defame, Disclaim, Exclaim, Inflame, Postgame, Proclaim, Reclaim, Rename


Spanish Translation

Aflame in Spanish is Inflamado

Tagalog Translation

Aflame in Tagalog is Nagliliyab

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I have fought with gun and cutlass On the red and slippery deck With all Hell aflame within me And a rope around my neck." - George S. Patton

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