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Adolf Eichmann

German Nazi SS-Obersturmbannführer

Adolf Eichmann Synonyms

Eichmann, Karl Adolf Eichmann, Adolf Eichmann

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Adolf Hitler may have been wrong all down the line, but one thing is beyond dispute: the man was able to work his way up from lance corporal in the German Army to Führer of a people of almost 80 million. His success alone proved that I should subordinate myself to this man." - Adolf Eichmann

Example Sentence (Quote)

" After the [Wannsee] conference, Heydrich, Müller and myself sat cozily around the fireplace. We had drinks. We had brandy. We sang songs. After a while, we got up on chairs and drank a toast. Then we got up on the tables and went round and round. On the chairs. On the tables. Then we sat around peacefully, giving ourselves a rest after so many exhausting hours." - Adolf Eichmann

Example Sentence (Quote)

" After the speech he looked at us ironically and added softly: Otherwise you would die . The words were icy but the tone like velvet, almost friendly." - Adolf Eichmann

Example Sentence (Quote)

"As I sometimes said to the important Jews, when I had them, something like: 'Well then, do you know where you are? You're with the Czar of the Jews. Don't you know that, didn't you see the Pariser Tageblatt ?!'" - Adolf Eichmann

Example Sentence (Quote)

"As my chief, Gruppenführer Müller expressed it, they were sending in the master himself, so I wanted to behave like a master." - Adolf Eichmann

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