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Adaptability (IPA: /əˌdæptəˈbɪɫəti/)

Adaptability (n.)

Alt. of Adaptableness


Psychological ability to adapt to varying situations


Pokémon ability

Adaptability Rhymes

Ability, Agility, Civility, Debility, Docility, Ductility, Facility, Fertility, Fragility, Futility, Gentility, Hostility, Humility, Mobility, Motility, Nobility, Senility, Stability, Sterility, Tranquility, Utility, Virility
Capability, Credibility, Culpability, Disability, Durability, Fallibility, Feasibility, Flammability, Flexibility, Gullibility, Immobility, Inability, Incivility, Infertility, Instability, Legibility, Liability, Miscibility, Nonutility, Plausibility, Portability, Possibility, Probability, Readability, Rehability, Sensibility, Suitability, Taxability, Versatility, Viability, Visibility, Volatility

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