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Actuality (IPA: /ˌæktʃuˈæɫəˌti/)

Actuality (n.)

The state of being actual; reality; as, the actuality of God's nature.


Features of daily newspapers and other print media


2006 single by Shibasaki

Actuality Rhymes

Banality, Bestiality, Brutality, Causality, Centrality, Duality, Fatality, Finality, Formality, Frugality, Legality, Lethality, Locality, Mentality, Modality, Morality, Mortality, Neutrality, Normality, Plurality, Reality, Tonality, Totality, Venality, Vitality
Abnormality, Actuality, Commonality, Criminality, Criticality, Cyclicality, Functionality, Generality, Geniality, Hospitality, Illegality, Immorality, Immortality, Informality, Liberality, Musicality, Mutuality, Nationality, Partiality, Personality, Practicality, Principality, Punctuality, Rationality, Sensuality, Sexuality, Speciality, Technicality, Triviality, Unreality

Spanish Translation

Actuality in Spanish is Realidad

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Judaism stands or falls with its belief in the historic actuality of the revelation at Sinai." - Joseph H. Hertz

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