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Accuse (IPA: /əkˈjuz/)

Accuse (n.)


Accuse (v. t.)

To charge with, or declare to have committed, a crime or offense

Accuse (v. t.)

to charge with an offense, judicially or by a public process; -- with of; as, to accuse one of a high crime or misdemeanor.

Accuse (v. t.)

To charge with a fault; to blame; to censure.

Accuse (v. t.)

To betray; to show. [L.]


Human settlement in Italy

Accuse Synonyms


Accuse Synonyms

Incriminate, Criminate, Impeach

Accuse Rhymes

Blue's, Blues, Blues', Boos, Booz, Booze, Brews, Bruise, Bruse, Buse, Buus, Chews, Choose, Chuse, Clews, Clues, Coups, Crew's, Crewes, Crews, Cruise, Cruse, Cruz, Cruze, Cues, Dews, Do's, Drewes, Drews, Druse, Druze, Dues, Ewes, Flus, Foos, Fuse, Glues, Goos, Groos, Guse, Hewes, Hews, Hoos, Hues, Hughes, Hughes', Hughs, Huse, Jews, Jews', Joos, Kloos, Koos, Kruse, Kuse, Kuze, Leu's, Loos, Lose, Lou's, Luiz, Luse, Meuse, Mewes, Mews, Moos, Muise, Muse, News, News', Oohs, Ooohs, Ooze, Pews, Pru's, Pughs, Q's, Q .'s, Q .s, Ques, Queues, Roos, Roose, Ruse, Schmooze, Screws, Shoe's, Shoes, Shrews, Skewes, Skews, Snooze, Soos, Sous, Spews, Stew's, Stews, Strews, Sues, Tewes, Tews, Theus, Throughs, Two's, Twos, U's, U .'s, U .s, Use, Views, Who's, Whose, Woo's, Woos, Wu's, Yew's, Yoos, Yu's, Zoo's, Zoos, Zue's

Abuse, Accrues, Accuse, Amuse, Bemuse, Canoes, Cebu's, Confuse, Defuse, Diffuse, Ensues, Enthuse, Eschews, Excuse, Infuse, Jammu's, Mahfouz, Miscues, Misuse, Peru's, Peruse, Primenews, Pursues, Recuse, Refuse, Renews, Reuse, Review's, Reviews, Revues, Shampoos, Suffuse, Taboos, Tattoos, Toulouse, Transfuse, Worldnews

Disabuse, Kangaroos, Overuse, Santa-cruz, Underuse

Spanish Translation

Accuse in Spanish is Acusar

Tagalog Translation

Accuse in Tagalog is Pagbintangan

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I believe so. Don't accuse anybody else." - Vincent van Gogh

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