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Wry (IPA: /ˈɹaɪ/)

Wry (v. t.)

To cover.

Wry (superl.)

Turned to one side; twisted; distorted; as, a wry mouth.

Wry (superl.)

Hence, deviating from the right direction; misdirected; out of place; as, wry words.

Wry (superl.)

Wrested; perverted.

Wry (v. i.)

To twist; to writhe; to bend or wind.

Wry (v. i.)

To deviate from the right way; to go away or astray; to turn side; to swerve.

Wry (a.)

To twist; to distort; to writhe; to wrest; to vex.


Protein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster


Family name

Wry Synonyms


Wry Synonyms

Dry, Humorous, Ironical, Humourous, Ironic

WRY (Acronym / Abbreviation)


WRY (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Waterloo Railway Company

Wry Rhymes

Ai, Ay, Aye, Bae, Bi, Bligh, Bly, Blye, Brye, Buy, By, Bye, Cai, Chae, Chai, Chi, Cry, Crye, Cy, Dai, Di, Die, Dry, Drye, Dye, Eye, Fae, Fi, Fly, Flye, Frei, Fry, Frye, Fye, Gae, Guy, Heye, Hi, High, Hy, I, I., Jai, Kai, Keye, Kwai, Lai, Lie, Ly, Lye, Mai, Mei, My, Ngai, Nie, Nigh, Nye, Pae, Phi, Phy, Pi, Pie, Ply, Pri, Pry, Psi, Pty, Pye, Rye, Sai, Shai, Shy, Sigh, Sky, Sligh, Sly, Slye, Spry, Spy, Sty, Sy, Tae, Tai, Thai, Thigh, Thy, Tie, Tri, Try, Tsai, Ty, Tye, Vi, Vie, Vy, Wai, Why, Wry, Wrye, Wye, Y, Y., Yie

Akai, Alai, Ally, Altai, Apply, Awry, Bandai, Barkai, Belie, Bely, Bonsai, Brunei, Bye-bye, Chiengmai, Chubais, Chugai, Comply, Decry, Defy, Deny, Descry, Dongmei, Dubai, Dupuy, Good-bye, Goodbye, Hereby, Hi-fi, Imai, Imply, Iwai, July, Kanai, Kansai, Lahaie, Mcfly, Mihai, Mistry, Murai, Nankai, Nearby, Rely, Reply, Retry, Shanghai, Standby, Sundai, Supply, Switaj, Thereby, Tokai, Untie, Uy, Versailles, Whereby, Xuemei, Zhuhai

Dui, Gyi, Kyi, Lxi, Misapply, Overfly, Private-eye, Resupply, Sci, Semidry, Sri, Underlie, Underly

Cspi, Isty, Oversupply, Wy

Wry (Last Name / Surname)

Wry is the #71,265 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 274 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Wry in Spanish is Torcido

Tagalog Translation

Wry in Tagalog is Hiwi

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