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Writers (IPA: /ˈɹaɪtɝz/)


British comedy-drama TV series


Person who uses written words to communicate ideas and to produce works of literature


1970 debut studio album by Carole King


Family name

Writers Rhymes

Biters, Deiters, Fighter's, Fighters, Fighters', Lighters, Mitres, Nighters, Writer's, Writers, Writers'


Spanish Translation

Writers in Spanish is Escritores

Example Sentence (Quote)

"19 Proposition. The foure beasts are the foure Evangelles with all the true writers and professors thereof." - John Napier

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A despot doesn't fear eloquent writers preaching freedom he fears a drunken poet who may crack a joke that will take hold." - E. B. White

Example Sentence (Quote)

"An aphorism is a generalization of sorts, and our present-day writers seem more at home with the particular." - Generalization

Example Sentence (Quote)

"An editor is a person who knows more about writing than writers do but who has escaped the terrible desire to write." - E. B. White

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Good writers are monotonous, like good composers. They keep trying to perfect the one problem they were born to understand." - Alberto Moravia

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