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Vendor (IPA: /ˈvɛndɝ/)

Vendor (n.)

A vender; a seller; the correlative of vendee.


Business that supplies, provides and usually sells goods or services


Character from 2002 film 'Double Teamed'


Fictional planet

Vendor Synonyms

Seller, Vender, Marketer, Trafficker

Vendor Rhymes

Bender, Blender, Brender, Brendor, Ender, Fender, Gender, Kender, Lender, Mender, Pender, Render, Schlender, Sender, Skender, Slender, Spender, Splendor, Stender, Tender, Vendor, Wender, Yender, Zehnder, Zender

Allender, Callender, Cavender, Challender, Contender, Defender, Engender, Offender, Pretender, Surrender, Suspender

Spanish Translation

Vendor in Spanish is Vendedor

Tagalog Translation

Vendor in Tagalog is Magbibili

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