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Vases (IPA: /ˈvɑzɪz/, /ˈveɪsəz/)


Painting by Amédée Ozenfant


Glass at the Cleveland Museum of Art


Open container, often used to hold cut flowers


Artificial stone sculpture on the Kleine Schanze in the city of Bern, Switzerland


Vase by Ernest Chaplet

VASES (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Visual Analogue Self-Esteem Scale

Vases Rhymes

Aces, Base's, Bases, Bass's, Basses, Brace's, Braces, Case's, Cases, Chase's, Chases, Faces, Grace's, Graces, Laces, Maces, Mesa's, Pace's, Paces, Place's, Places, Race's, Races, Spaces, Traces, Vases, Causes, Gaza's, Plaza's, Plazas, Vases

Atlases, Displaces, Embraces, Erases, Replaces, Sybase's, Teresa's

Spanish Translation

Vases in Spanish is Floreros

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