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Upstairs (IPA: /əpˈstɛɹz/)

Upstairs (adv.)

Up the stairs; in or toward an upper story.

Upstairs (a.)

Being above stairs; as, an upstairs room.


Album by Shane & Shane


Short film directed by Jesper Maintz Andersen


1919 film directed by Victor Schertzinger


2009 film by Robert Adrian Pejo

Upstairs Synonyms


Upstairs Synonyms

In The Mind, In The Head

Upstairs Synonyms

Up The Stairs, On A Higher Floor

Upstairs Rhymes

Air's, Airs, Ayer's, Ayres, Bares, Bear's, Bears, Bears', Berres, Blair's, Blares, Bures, Care's, Cares, Chaires, Chairs, Claire's, Dares, Errs, Fair's, Faires, Fairs, Fares, Flares, Gehres, Glares, Hair's, Hairs, Hare's, Hares, Heirs, Jares, Kehres, Lairs, Lares, Maerz, Mairs, Mare's, Mares, Pairs, Pares, Pears, Phares, Prayers, Sayres, Scares, Share's, Shares, Shares', Sherr's, Snares, Spares, Squares, Stairs, Stares, Swears, Tears, Theirs, There's, Wares, Wears, Where's, Xers

Affairs, Bancshares', Compares, D'affaires, Declares, Despairs, Downstairs, Frontieres, Impairs, Moliere's, Pierre's, Prepares, Repairs, Upstairs

Billionaires, Millionaire's, Millionaires, Questionnaires, Unawares

Euromobiliare's, Multimillionaires

Spanish Translation

Upstairs in Spanish is Piso De Arriba

Tagalog Translation

Upstairs in Tagalog is Sa Bahay

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I ran upstairs to see my wife, we literally just sat there and held each other for, like, 20 minutes." - Bill Clinton

Example Sentence (Quote)

" I'm makin ducks' shed much tears, I buck queers, I don't have it all upstairs but who the fuck cares?" - Big L (rapper)

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